Why Radio?

So why advertise on radio? As a medium for reaching people, radio delivers some great - and unique - benefits over other media.

Radio Is:

  • Personal - in fact, it's the most personal of all media.
  • Flexible - radio commercials can be created quickly without the delays and expensive production costs of other media.
  • Influential - radio influences consumers closest to the time of purchase.
  • Engaging - on average, people are 32% more engaged with their favourite radio station than they are with other media content.
  • Accessible - radio can be accessed anywhere, anytime. In your car. At home. At work.
  • Hear then Click - nearly 80% of people who hear a relevant radio commercial referring to a website have visited that website as a result
  • High Listener Loyalty - radio listeners are a loyal and committed group - with 77.6% of Australians tuning in to commercial radio each week.
  • Targeted - radio allows advertisers to target their message to specific demographics and communities, so you can focus your advertising on the right audience.